These are some links to stuff about me elsewhere on the internet.

I teach philosophy at the National University of Singapore. My research is hosted at PhilPapers, as linked on the front page. 
Linchuan Zhang did a fun interview with me in May 2017. Final sentence: "Using paraconsistent logical systems to put together a story about contradictory butt pounding across different universes would be a feat of sexual and logical perversion that I don’t think anyone has ever achieved in the history of human literature."

I gave a TEDx talk in Singapore in October 2013. The theme of the event was luck, so they had me talk about moral luck. I think people liked the example where a cannibal eats young Hitler and makes the world a better place.

On Valentine's Day 2013, the Washington Post featured my paper "Possible Girls", which describes how David Lewis' modal realism can help you have a romantic relationship with someone in another universe. Philosopher-journalist Dylan Matthews has written an updated version of the post at Vox.

The 21st Century Monads, the pre-eminent philosophy rock band of our time, put me on the cover of a single called Achiever. It's about virtue epistemology. 

Luke Muehlhauser did a nice interview with me about my research in 2010. 

I've been blogging since July 2004. Until the beginning of 2015, my home on the internet was a blog called the Ethical Werewolf. (Among other things, I'm fond of werewolf characters in fiction and my research is mainly on ethics.) I posted lots of substantial philosophical and political things there in the beginning, but later it mostly became a repository for my silly philosophy puns. Other blogs I've written on include Donkeylicious from 2008 to 2014 with Nicholas Beaudrot and Cogitamus in 2007-2008 with various nice people. I was a guest writer for superstar journalist Ezra Klein from 2005 to 2007, but those posts are hard to find now due to weird redirections. 

Probably the most interesting thing I've created on the internet is War or Car, where I posted a new thing you could buy for the total cost of the Iraq War every day for four months including the 2008 election. You could buy each US household a Toyota Prius (hence the name of the site), buy each living panda its own stealth bomber, or subscribe to the LA Times since the beginning of time.